We are a group of professionals, consultants, scientists, researchers, and academicians with a collective experience of over 100 years who have set up a startup company to provide R&D services in the national and global markets.

Basic Ideas & Concepts

  • Data Acquisition, Storage, Use
  • Decision Making & Diagnostic Systems
  • System Design & Engineering
  • Ethics, Security, Privacy

Technology, Systems & Applications

  • Networks & Communication Engineering
  • AI, Expert Systems, Big Data
  • Data Mining & Data Marts
  • Health Records, Patient Systems
  • Software Development Framework

Future of BMI

  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Machine Vision & Decision Making
  • Cloud Computing
  • Privacy, Security
  • Global Collaboration
  • Education
  • Finance & BM Cost


  • AIMS endeavors to provide Research, consulting, teaching, and training services to business, industry, government, and public in all matters of Health, Education, Cyber Security and Technology domains.
  • With a combined experience of decades we are undertaking public and private grants in the domains of Health Care, Biomed Informatics, and Cyber Security.
  • AIMS will undertake advanced research projects in the areas of Biomed Informatics, Health Care, Blended Education, Information, and Cyber Technology solutions. AIMS founding directors are researchers, highly qualified and experienced consultants in the field of Informatics.


AMIS plan to work on specific grants from the Department of Health and Human Services “ Genomic Data Analysis Network: Specialized Genomic Data Center (U24)”

Design and develop communication protocols for Genomic Data Analysis Network. Evaluate existing tools and techniques for Genomic Data Analysis Network, and propose security enhancements for the treatment of sensitive and critical data.

Extend the global partnership and collaborative network of Biomed researchers, consultants, experts, and institutions, from public and private sector. Publish white papers, research work, and related documents to further the knowledge base and add new information in to field of Biomed Informatics.

AESS (AUTOMATED EMERGENCY SUPPORT SYSTEM) is designed to deal with the Emergency Cases and to assist the Ambulance Drivers and Attendants.

Design, development and implementaion of AI based cyber security firewall.


Advanced Informatics & Medical Solutions

Phone: 516-441-AIMS

Fax: 631-444-8825

Email: info@aimedicalsolutions.com

Location: Long Island High Technology Incubator
25 Health Sciences Drive, Mail Box 306
Stony Brook, NY 11790

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